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The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Your Business

By admin_dr on 5 June 19 General Contracting

So your business needs to expand its physical facilities.  You need a way to add buildings quickly, cheaply, or, preferably, both.  The answer?  Pre-engineered metal buildings.   Hiring a pre-engineered metal building contractor is a great way to create highly functional and economical buildings at a fraction of the time and cost of building them from […]

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The Most Important Considerations When Prepping A Site for Concrete Placement

By admin_dr on 5 June 19 Construction

If there’s one thing that commercial concrete contractors are fanatical about, it is properly preparing a site for concrete.  Concrete is only as strong as the base it is poured on, and if a concrete structure fails, it is almost without a doubt because of poor site.  One way to tell that you’ve hired a […]

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Understanding How Structural Design Relates to Civil Engineering

By admin_dr on 30 April 19 Concrete contractors

Civil engineering is a broad discipline, with plenty of room for specialization.  In general, civil engineering simply refers to the design, construction, and maintenance of construction projects intended for use by the public at large.  This can range from roads, sewage systems, dams, hospitals, and far more.  Because there are so many types of civil […]

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When Choosing a General Contractor in Savannah, GA, Be Sure They’re Insured!

By admin_dr on 26 April 19 General Contracting

When people are listing the qualifications they’re looking for in Savannah, GA, general contractors, they’re most likely going to be thinking in terms of experience, manpower, and equipment.  These are important considerations when hiring a contractor, but one of the most important considerations is occasionally overlooked simply because it seems so mundane: insurance.  But wait, […]

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What’s the Difference Between A Construction Manager and A Civil Engineer?

By admin_dr on 29 March 19 Construction,General Contracting

With more than thirty years experience providing commercial construction contracting in and around Savannah, GA, we are periodically asked what the difference is between a Construction Manager and a Civil Engineer. While there can be some overlap in their respective roles, they perform two distinct functions. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between construction […]

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Understanding the Basics of Construction Management

By admin_dr on 28 March 19 Construction

In every general contracting construction project, every role on the team is important , but when it comes to day-to-day operations, no one is more important than the Construction Project Manager (CPM).  The CPM is responsible for a wide range of tasks during a construction project, and the job demands a seasoned, well-trained, highly skilled, […]

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The Difference Between Construction Managers & General Contractors in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 19 February 19 Construction

In our work as general contractors in Savannah, GA, we find that a lot of people, especially newcomers to construction, tend to be uncertain about the differences between general contractors and construction managers.  While there can be some overlap in job roles, the two are distinct and should be treated as such. So, here is […]

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Understanding the Role of a Savannah, GA, Construction Manager

By admin_dr on 19 February 19 General Contracting

Successfully completing a construction project requires the collaboration of dozens or hundreds of people, each skilled in their own tasks.  It’s difficult to rank one as being more important than another, but, frankly, the construction manager is perhaps the most vital component of a construction project.  At the least, they are required to understand each […]

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Savannah, GA’s Proven Concrete Contractor Explains the Benefits of Reinforced Concrete

By admin_dr on 1 February 19 Construction

Many construction contractors across Savannah, GA are now choosing reinforced concrete as one of their preferred materials for their construction work. To help explain the reasoning behind the popularity of reinforced concrete, this post examines the material in greater detail. Low-maintenance performance One of the leading benefits of reinforced concrete is that the product is […]

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Our Local Savannah, GA General Contractors Explore the Stages of Construction Management

By admin_dr on 29 January 19 General Contracting

Identifying and understanding the stages of your construction project will help you manage your team and avoid surprises as your project proceeds toward completion. At Donald Rushing Construction Company we are known for our construction management expertise and for being one of the best Savannah, GA general contractors. In this new post, we’ll identify the […]

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The Benefits of Pre-Construction Services for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

By admin_dr on 25 January 19 Metal Building

When planning a new building, companies should carefully consider pre-construction services that allow them to plot the path of the building process. Our experts at Donald Rushing Construction Company have many years of experience in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings across Savannah, GA. In this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of pre-construction services for your […]

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Our Savannah, GA Concrete Contractors Explain the Many Advantages of Structural Concrete

By admin_dr on 17 December 18 Uncategorized

Structural concrete is the combination ofordinary concrete with additional reinforcement that offers maximum strength forconstruction. It is often used instead of plain concrete because plain concrete,by itself, is often not strong enough for beams, foundations and slabs thatneed to carry heavy loads. In this new post, the concrete contractors at Donald Rushing Construction in Savannah, […]

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What are the Responsibilities of Savannah, GA General Contractors?

By admin_dr on 17 December 18 Uncategorized

When hiring general contractors for yourcommercial building projects, you should have a clear understanding of theirrole within the process. Doing so will help prevent mistakes in the hiringprocess and allow you to choose a company that matches your precise requirements. Let’s explore the responsibilities of a Savannah, GA general contractor. Project planning Your general contractor […]

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How to Save Time and Money Integrating Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings within Your Savannah Property

By admin_dr on 20 November 18 Uncategorized

Maximizing the efficiency of the building process can help your Savannah company reduce costs when introducing pre-engineered metal buildings to its site. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction Company has spent many years developing our construction standards to help clients save time and money in constructing quality metal buildings. In this new post, we’ll explain […]

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Savannah Concrete Contractors Explain the Demolition Process

By admin_dr on 13 November 18 General Contracting

  Concrete demolition requires a thorough understanding of material safety and removal techniques. Only by working with trusted Savannah demolition projects be completed effectively and safely. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction Company has decades of construction and concrete experience and we will explain more about the demolition process in this post. The techniques used […]

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How to Choose Savannah Commercial Construction Contractors You Can Trust

By admin_dr on 9 November 18 General Contracting

Choosing the right Savannah commercial construction contractor for your next construction project will help ensure that you achieve long-term value from your investment. Our experienced team at Donald Rushing Construction has decades of experience and, in this new post, we’ll explain how to choose a qualified Savannah commercial construction contractor you can trust. Experience is […]

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The Benefits of Building with Savannah General Contractors as Opposed to Buying a Property

By admin_dr on 6 November 18 General Contracting

In growing your industrial business, you generally have three options for choosing property. You can lease an existing industrial location, buy a building, or build your own property. There are a significant number of benefits to building your own property over buying or leasing an existing structure. Let’s delve more into the subject by reviewing […]

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The Advantages of Choosing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Savannah, Georgia, Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 6 November 18 General Contracting

Pre-engineered buildings are quickly becoming one of the most popular construction options for developers and site owners nationwide. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the integration of pre-engineered metal buildings for clients in Savannah and throughout the Southeast. With this latest post, we’ll explain why pre-engineered metal buildings can be the best solution […]

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Our Savannah, GA Commercial Construction Contractors Explain Their Tips for Pouring Concrete

By admin_dr on 30 October 18 General Contracting

Pouring concrete requires that you have a clear understanding of concrete application and performance. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has many years of experience as leading local commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA. In this latest post, we’re presenting our tips for pouring concrete. Use a reinforcement layer To prevent cracks from starting and […]

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We list four key things any good structural concrete contractor should know about working with concrete. Contact Donald Rushing today for more information.

By admin_dr on 8 October 18 Construction

When working with a general contractor on the construction or renovation of your commercial building, it’s important that you not only consider the current needs of your organization but the future of the organization as well. It’s why so many builders are now reviewing the importance of end walls in terms of the scalability and […]

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