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March 2018

Understanding the Importance of Equipment Maintenance for a Commercial Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 March 18 General Contracting

You don’t work as a commercial contractor for more than thirty years without picking up a few things about how to manage a contracting firm.  One of the most critical is just how important equipment maintenance is—specifically preventative maintenance.  At Donald Rushing Construction, we’ve encountered many contractors who seem to regard maintenance as an optional activity, but […]

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Four Ways to Hire the Right Construction Employees

By admin_dr on 10 March 18 Construction

A commercial contractor is only as good as their crew!  That might seem obvious, but a lot of contractors tend to cut corners with personnel or have poor hiring practices.  They employ crews that are unreliable or inexperienced to save money and that brings down the quality of every project they undertake. Whether you’re looking to hire […]

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