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July 2018

How To Decide Between Site Cast And Plant Cast Concrete Buildings In Savannah GA

By admin_dr on 6 July 18 General Contracting

Should you site cast or plant cast your concrete for you next building? This is an important question that affects construction time and costs. The answer lies in understanding the differences between the two. Here is what general contractors in Savannah, GA think you need to know. Understanding the Differences Site casting, unlike precast, involves […]

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The Importance Of Concrete Foundations And Slabs In Large-Scale Industrial Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 2 July 18 Construction

Reports tracking commercial and industrial construction activity have shown consistent growth in recent years, with no signs of a slowdown anytime in the near future. These construction projects include everything from government buildings and entertainment complexes to medical buildings, sports complexes, office and educational buildings, among other large-scale construction projects. The need for qualified and […]

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