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February 2019

The Difference Between Construction Managers & General Contractors in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 19 February 19 Construction

In our work as general contractors in Savannah, GA, we find that a lot of people, especially newcomers to construction, tend to be uncertain about the differences between general contractors and construction managers.  While there can be some overlap in job roles, the two are distinct and should be treated as such. So, here is […]

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Understanding the Role of a Savannah, GA, Construction Manager

By admin_dr on 19 February 19 General Contracting

Successfully completing a construction project requires the collaboration of dozens or hundreds of people, each skilled in their own tasks.  It’s difficult to rank one as being more important than another, but, frankly, the construction manager is perhaps the most vital component of a construction project.  At the least, they are required to understand each […]

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Savannah, GA’s Proven Concrete Contractor Explains the Benefits of Reinforced Concrete

By admin_dr on 1 February 19 Construction

Many construction contractors across Savannah, GA are now choosing reinforced concrete as one of their preferred materials for their construction work. To help explain the reasoning behind the popularity of reinforced concrete, this post examines the material in greater detail. Low-maintenance performance One of the leading benefits of reinforced concrete is that the product is […]

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