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Are Your Savannah, GA, Commercial Construction Contractors Utilizing Mobile Technologies?

By admin_dr on 11 July 19 Construction

Construction can sometimes be a conservative business, because of how important it is to maintain safety.  Contractors typically don’t gamble on unproven technology, not when lives and property are on the line.  Still, sometimes new advances mean that commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA, need to update their processes—and mobile technology is a great example of this.

Mobile tech brings numerous benefits to every aspect of construction contracting.  At this point, if your construction company isn’t making heavy use of mobile tech, you probably need to look for a new contractor.

Why Effective Commercial Construction Contractors in Savannah, GA, Embrace Mobile Technologies

1. Effective instant record-keeping

When a supervisor can pull out his or her smartphone that is connected to central computers, and input data whenever necessary, that means record-keeping becomes a lot easier, more up to the minute, and more accurate.  There’s rarely a reason to put off important record keeping when it’s so convenient, even in the middle of a workday.

2. Less paper means fewer problems

Paper is easily lost and easily damaged, and with paper, the probability of transcription errors is higher than it is with digital because digital records can be copied 1:1 every time.

Going paperless (or as close as regulations will allow) sparks greater efficiency and means more effective work and lower costs.

3. Bringing the work site and the boardroom closer together

Project owners want to be “in the loop” as much as possible.  However, before mobile technology, this was often harder to accomplish because they were typically not on the job site.  Now, with smart phone photos, FaceTime, text messaging, etc. contactors can keep project owners informed in real time with crisp detailed visuals and conversations about how a project is proceeding.  

4. Wearable’s increase safety

More contractors are starting to give workers wearable technology to monitor their bodies, such as their heart rate and hydration level.  This means good things for workplace safety.  There’s less chance of health problems causing work shutdowns, or even accidents.

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