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General Contracting

BIM Is Making It Easier for Commercial Construction Contractors to Improve Energy Efficiency

By admin_dr on 18 November 19 General Contracting

Energy efficiency is a huge hot topic among commercial construction contractors, as well as the building owners who hire them.  Achieving energy efficiency is a win-win all around: it reduces costs, it reduces waste, it helps protect the environment, and it usually helps a building qualify for additional utility and/or government discounts and rebates.   But […]

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What to Look for In Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 18 October 19 General Contracting

If you need to launch a new construction project, there’s no shortage of Georgia commercial construction contractors who’ll be happy to help.  Of course, whether they have the ability, expertise, and tools needed to complete the job is another story.  Construction contractors come and go with alarming frequency, with only the best sticking around for […]

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The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Your Business

By admin_dr on 5 June 19 General Contracting

So your business needs to expand its physical facilities.  You need a way to add buildings quickly, cheaply, or, preferably, both.  The answer?  Pre-engineered metal buildings.   Hiring a pre-engineered metal building contractor is a great way to create highly functional and economical buildings at a fraction of the time and cost of building them from […]

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When Choosing a General Contractor in Savannah, GA, Be Sure They’re Insured!

By admin_dr on 26 April 19 General Contracting

When people are listing the qualifications they’re looking for in Savannah, GA, general contractors, they’re most likely going to be thinking in terms of experience, manpower, and equipment.  These are important considerations when hiring a contractor, but one of the most important considerations is occasionally overlooked simply because it seems so mundane: insurance.  But wait, […]

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What’s the Difference Between A Construction Manager and A Civil Engineer?

By admin_dr on 29 March 19 Construction,General Contracting

With more than thirty years experience providing commercial construction contracting in and around Savannah, GA, we are periodically asked what the difference is between a Construction Manager and a Civil Engineer. While there can be some overlap in their respective roles, they perform two distinct functions. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between construction […]

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Understanding the Role of a Savannah, GA, Construction Manager

By admin_dr on 19 February 19 General Contracting

Successfully completing a construction project requires the collaboration of dozens or hundreds of people, each skilled in their own tasks.  It’s difficult to rank one as being more important than another, but, frankly, the construction manager is perhaps the most vital component of a construction project.  At the least, they are required to understand each […]

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Our Local Savannah, GA General Contractors Explore the Stages of Construction Management

By admin_dr on 29 January 19 General Contracting

Identifying and understanding the stages of your construction project will help you manage your team and avoid surprises as your project proceeds toward completion. At Donald Rushing Construction Company we are known for our construction management expertise and for being one of the best Savannah, GA general contractors. In this new post, we’ll identify the […]

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Savannah Concrete Contractors Explain the Demolition Process

By admin_dr on 13 November 18 General Contracting

  Concrete demolition requires a thorough understanding of material safety and removal techniques. Only by working with trusted Savannah demolition projects be completed effectively and safely. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction Company has decades of construction and concrete experience and we will explain more about the demolition process in this post. The techniques used […]

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How to Choose Savannah Commercial Construction Contractors You Can Trust

By admin_dr on 9 November 18 General Contracting

Choosing the right Savannah commercial construction contractor for your next construction project will help ensure that you achieve long-term value from your investment. Our experienced team at Donald Rushing Construction has decades of experience and, in this new post, we’ll explain how to choose a qualified Savannah commercial construction contractor you can trust. Experience is […]

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The Benefits of Building with Savannah General Contractors as Opposed to Buying a Property

By admin_dr on 6 November 18 General Contracting

In growing your industrial business, you generally have three options for choosing property. You can lease an existing industrial location, buy a building, or build your own property. There are a significant number of benefits to building your own property over buying or leasing an existing structure. Let’s delve more into the subject by reviewing […]

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The Advantages of Choosing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Savannah, Georgia, Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 6 November 18 General Contracting

Pre-engineered buildings are quickly becoming one of the most popular construction options for developers and site owners nationwide. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the integration of pre-engineered metal buildings for clients in Savannah and throughout the Southeast. With this latest post, we’ll explain why pre-engineered metal buildings can be the best solution […]

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Our Savannah, GA Commercial Construction Contractors Explain Their Tips for Pouring Concrete

By admin_dr on 30 October 18 General Contracting

Pouring concrete requires that you have a clear understanding of concrete application and performance. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has many years of experience as leading local commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA. In this latest post, we’re presenting our tips for pouring concrete. Use a reinforcement layer To prevent cracks from starting and […]

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A Guide to Working with Concrete Contractors on Concrete Column Repair

By admin_dr on 18 September 18 General Contracting

Concrete repair work must be carefully considered due to the structural issues involved in working with the materials. This is especially important when repairing a concrete column, which supports a larger concrete structure. Only the leading and highly experienced concrete contractors should take on this type of work and so, within this latest post, our […]

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How To Decide Between Site Cast And Plant Cast Concrete Buildings In Savannah GA

By admin_dr on 6 July 18 General Contracting

Should you site cast or plant cast your concrete for you next building? This is an important question that affects construction time and costs. The answer lies in understanding the differences between the two. Here is what general contractors in Savannah, GA think you need to know. Understanding the Differences Site casting, unlike precast, involves […]

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Should A Commercial Contractor Rent or Buy Their Equipment?

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 General Contracting

One of the biggest questions facing any commercial contractor is whether it’s better to rent or buy the equipment they use.  This is a decision that can impact the customers of those contractors as well because the quality and type of equipment can have a major impact on the final quality of their projects. In […]

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Understanding the Importance of Equipment Maintenance for a Commercial Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 March 18 General Contracting

You don’t work as a commercial contractor for more than thirty years without picking up a few things about how to manage a contracting firm.  One of the most critical is just how important equipment maintenance is—specifically preventative maintenance.  At Donald Rushing Construction, we’ve encountered many contractors who seem to regard maintenance as an optional activity, but […]

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How Hiring General Contractors in Savannah, GA., Can Save Time and Money

By admin_dr on 8 January 18 General Contracting

If you have a major new construction project on the horizon, choosing the right general contractors in Savannah, Ga., could be a key decision for keeping costs and build time as low as possible.  Especially for major projects, hiring an experienced general contractor with the resources to manage and staff your project will save you time and […]

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Find out why Donald Rushing is the top General Contractors Company in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 General Contracting

There are plenty of general contractors in Savannah, GA, but few offer the combination of experience, skill, and range of talent that Donald Rushing Construction offers.  For more than 30 years, we have delivered excellent general contracting services on hundreds of projects across Coastal Georgia and the Carolina Lowcountry.

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Donald Rushing – Trusted General Contractors in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 2 October 17 General Contracting

With decades of experience as general contractors in Savannah, GA, the team at Donald Rushing Construction is committed to building food processing facilities designed for the highest levels of efficiency. Our experts are unparalleled in their understanding on construction dynamics and we have access to a vast network from which we can source quality materials […]

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Four Tips for Choosing A General Contractor in Savannah, Georgia

By admin_dr on 9 August 17 General Contracting

With so many general contractors in the metropolitan Savannah area, how can you know which one you can trust?  A general contractor can end up being responsible for millions of dollars in property and investment, yet if things go wrong on the project, they can find a lot of ways to avoid that responsibility. You […]

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