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The Advantages of Choosing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Savannah, Georgia, Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 6 November 18 General Contracting

Pre-engineered buildings are quickly becoming one of the most popular construction options for developers and site owners nationwide. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the integration of pre-engineered metal buildings for clients in Savannah and throughout the Southeast. With this latest post, we’ll explain why pre-engineered metal buildings can be the best solution for commercial, industrial and/or institutional construction projects.

Streamlined design process

Because we use use customizable pre-engineered computerized plans to design metal buildings to exact customer specifications, the process of taking a building from concept to completion is incredibly efficient, saving weeks if not months in the design and approval phase.

Limited construction phase

This brings us to the construction phase of the process. Pre-engineered buildings are built using metal frames and structural components that can be quickly fabricated and assembled. Conventional buildings require a much longer construction phase because most of their structural components are not pre-engineered. The average conventional building requires approximately 26 weeks for construction, while a typical commercial or industrial pre-engineered metal building can be completed in as little as eight to twelve weeks.

Reduced construction cost

Another clear benefit of working with the latest pre-engineered metal buildings for your Savannah or Southeast project is the reduced building cost. The structural frames for the buildings are constructed in large numbers and at a reduced cost-per-piece compared with conventional buildings. This allows companies to build warehouses and other specific properties for a highly reduced cost.

Greater scalability

With the economy evolving, companies across Savannah are continually looking for ways to simplify expansion. Pre-engineered metal buildings can be quickly updated to provide to additional the additional amount of space that may be needed.

Turn to Donald Rushing Construction for quality pre-engineered buildings

Donald Rushing Construction is your local leader for quality pre-engineered buildings designed precisely for your project and your growing business requirements. To discover more about our company and the range of products and services we offer, contact us today.

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