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Our Savannah, GA Commercial Construction Contractors Explain Their Tips for Pouring Concrete

By admin_dr on 30 October 18 General Contracting

Pouring concrete requires that you have a clear understanding of concrete application and performance. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has many years of experience as leading local commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA. In this latest post, we’re presenting our tips for pouring concrete.

Use a reinforcement layer

To prevent cracks from starting and then expanding, it’s important that you pay attention to the reinforcement layer used within the concrete. You can use rebar or wire mesh above the base layer to protect the concrete and ensure structural solidity. Speak to your local commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA about the options.

Don’t pour in hot or cold conditions

Hot and cold conditions can make the concrete and its components unstable. So, if you’re pouring concrete for your foundation, make sure you wait until the weather is mild. An ideal temperature for the pouring of concrete is considered to be 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use expansion joints to protect existing structures

If you’re connecting the concrete pour to existing structures such as a foundation or street curbs, make sure you use expansion joints to safely mitigate thermal expansion as part of the concrete pouring work.

Check with your zoning laws regarding depth of concrete

It’s important that you check with your local zoning laws when determining the depth of your concrete pour. Most local laws state require that driveways, for example, should be at least six inches deep to ensure safety, but you might find your local codes require a depth of 8 inches. Carefully consult the regulations to ensure you make the right decision.

Turn to commercial construction contractors in Savannah, GA for guidance

Working with a qualified team of professionals is the best way to ensure your driveway concrete is poured with precision. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has decades of experience in this area and we’re offering a free consultation for your concrete projects. To discover more about our work, please call today.

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