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Should A Commercial Contractor Rent or Buy Their Equipment?

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 General Contracting

One of the biggest questions facing any commercial contractor is whether it’s better to rent or buy the equipment they use.  This is a decision that can impact the customers of those contractors as well because the quality and type of equipment can have a major impact on the final quality of their projects.

In our view, the most reliable contractors will own most of their equipment.  Either way, when you’re looking for a commercial contractor, it’s a good idea to ask them about whether they rent or own their equipment—along with their reasons for that choice.  It can tell you quite a bit about what to expect when working with them.

Renting vs. Buying Commercial Contracting Equipment

  1. Financial reasons

Obviously, buying a large piece of equipment is a major investment.  For smaller or newer contractors, renting is tempting because it means fewer up-front costs and generally predictable monthly prices.  However, when a contractor owns their own equipment, that suggests that is financially stable.  They have assets and a genuine investment in their business.

While not wholly indicative of quality, they’re going to be a bit more motivated to make the most of their purchases.

  1. Availability

One of the big downsides to renting is that there’s no absolute guarantee that a piece of equipment is available when the contractor needs it—particularly if it’s a rush job, or in response to an unexpected on-site development.  That could ultimately cause you significant inconvenience, or even extra costs if the contractor can’t come up with the necessary equipment on your timeline.

  1. Familiarity 

When a company owns their own equipment, and keeps their employees trained on it, that most likely will translate into better work.  A construction worker will always be more proficient with a piece of hardware he has used it often. 

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