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Understanding the Importance of Equipment Maintenance for a Commercial Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 March 18 General Contracting

You don’t work as a commercial contractor for more than thirty years without picking up a few things about how to manage a contracting firm.  One of the most critical is just how important equipment maintenance is—specifically preventative maintenance.  At Donald Rushing Construction, we’ve encountered many contractors who seem to regard maintenance as an optional activity, but it’s honestly not.  

Ignoring preventative maintenance may save money upfront, but it is often disastrously expensive when a piece of critical equipment shuts down because it has not been cared for.  Contractors who skimp on maintenance play a dangerous game, and, worse, they’re potentially playing it with your projects.

Four Reasons A Reliable Commercial Contractor Must Invest in Preventative Maintenance

1 – Improved efficiency

When someone hires a commercial contractor, they want three things:  Their project built right, on time, and within budget.  One key factor to help a contractor reliably guarantee these three things is making certain the equipment is in good working order.  Otherwise, delays can creep in, and soon deadlines and budget targets are blown.

2 – Stopping small problems in their tracks

Small problems grow into big problems.  Machinery never fixes itself.  A minor maintenance problem will inevitably become more serious and ultimately turn into a major issue.  Staying on top of the minor issues prevents lots problems in the long run.

3 – Reduced accidents and injuries

Too often, major problems manifest themselves in dangerous ways.  Whenever you see a contractor with a poor safety record, there’s a very good chance that a large contributing factor is improper maintenance.  When workers are forced to work on machinery that isn’t well-maintained, they can get injured very quickly.

  1. Lower insurance rates, lower costs

What happens when a contractor sees an increased number of “incidents” on the job?  Their insurance rates go up.  This might not seem like it impacts a client directly, but higher insurance prices get passed along as part of the contractor’s rates. 


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