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Four Tips for Choosing A General Contractor in Savannah, Georgia

By admin_dr on 9 August 17 General Contracting

With so many general contractors in the metropolitan Savannah area, how can you know which one you can trust?  A general contractor can end up being responsible for millions of dollars in property and investment, yet if things go wrong on the project, they can find a lot of ways to avoid that responsibility.

You need general contractor in Savannah you can trust, and that you know will be able to see your project completed successfully.  These are some of the main traits to look for when you’re comparing contractors.

Four Things to Look For When Choosing General Contractors in Savannah, GA

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Never go with the lowest bidder when the lowest bid is much lower than the other bids.  In nearly all cases, that probably means they’re either lowballing you in hopes of finding more fees later, or they’re going to be significantly cutting corners and endangering the project, or, worse, they forgot something and therefore will try to find a way to get you to pay for their mistake.  A good general contractor should be able to explain how and why they prepared their bid, what it consists of and what it doesn’t.

  1. Past Work

One nice thing about researching general contractors is that it’s hard for them to hide past projects that didn’t work out to the owner’s satisfaction.  Ask about their past projects, then visit them yourself or talk to their owners.  You should be able to find out a lot about their trustworthiness and commitment to quality work this way.

  1. Flexibility

A good general contractor will have a highly skilled and experienced staff, and a lot outside resources to help them fill in the blanks.  Broadly speaking, however, the more in-house expertise they have, the better.  This gives them the control you want them to have to deal with a construction issues as they arise so as not to be beholden to some sub-contractors schedule..

  1. Strong Communication Skills

A general contractor is going to be responsible for clearly communicating with you, the investors, their own people, and with any other contractors hired to work on the job to keep things running smooth, on time and on budget.  Strong communication skills are therefore vital—you should be able to assess these skills from your early interactions with your potential contractors. If they can’t communicate well with you, they are likely going to be troublesome somewhere down the construction timeline.

The general contractor in Savannah that meets all of these criteria is Donald Rushing Construction. For more than 30 years, Donald Rushing has cultivated A Legacy of Success in Savannah General Contracting.

Donald Rushing Construction has experience, the skills and the resources to make great construction projects happen.  Contact us today to learn more!


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