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Four Tips for Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your New Sports Facility

By admin_dr on 9 January 18 Metal Building

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option for housing a sports facility.  The economy, relatively short construction timeline, low long-term maintenance costs, and flexible design options make them perfect for buildings that will see a lot of traffic and heavy use over the years. 


Here Four Ways to Get the Most for Your Pre-Engineered Sports Facility


  1. Decide on your primary use(s)

There are a lot of different sports that can be hosted within the same building, but it helps to decide which ones will be primary. Make certain you have allocated the appropriate space for multi-use sports, such as indoor soccer and lacrosse, and make certain the grand stands are close enough to the courts with clear sight lines. This is especially important if you plan to hold sanctioned competitions. You need to make certain in advance that your facility complies with all the rules and requirements of a particular sport’s governing body.


  1. Give yourself room for expansion

If possible leave some ground around your new building for growth. As you become more successful, you may want to add more courts or new sports and to do so you may need more room. One of the best features of pre-engineered metal buildings is their modularity.  It is relatively easy to add new wings or outbuildings later in development. 


  1. Think about additional services

Will you need a cafeteria? What about a pro shop and/or a fitness center? How about day care? What type of locker rooms if any will your customers need? The flexibility of design that pre-engineered metal buildings offer makes accommodating these services easy, but you need to plan for them in advance to get the full benefits of metal building construction.  

  1. Don’t overlook the essentials

Give plenty of thought to the parking lot and its lighting. Likewise, think through the location of the office and whether it is important to have a view of the entire indoor facility. What kind of security system will you need? Are the rest rooms conveniently located? Are the viewing stands large enough? Lots of decisions like these need to be made, so during your planning, take a step back every now and then to make sure you are covering the fundamentals.

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