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Six Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

By admin_dr on 7 November 17 Metal Building

In recent years, pre-engineered metal buildings have become a highly popular option for new office buildings, factories, and warehouses. They are fast, sturdy, reliable, and affordable.  Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings.

If you are considering a new building, a pre-engineered metal building might be your best solution.

Reasons To Choose Pre-Engineered Metal Construction

  1. Flexible designs

These structures are called “pre-engineered” because they generally involve several proven and pre-set specifications that are designed to be modular and customizable.  They are simple, rugged, and multi-purpose, and will fit almost any need.

  1. Fast construction

One of the biggest benefits to pre-engineered buildings is that they can slash construction times, since so much about the structural components are prefabricated.  In some instances, a pre-engineered building can be erected in weeks, where a similar building using conventional methods might take take months.

  1. Low maintenance

Pre-engineered buildings are designed to require very little maintenance.  Because they are largely steel, they are highly resistant weather. 

  1. Safe and sturdy

Don’t think that just because pre-engineered metal buildings are inexpensive, that means they’re cheap or shoddy.  They are still made from top-quality materials and designed to meet stringent safety requirements.  They’re as safe as or safer than similar buildings made from scratch.

  1. Energy efficiency 

Pre-engineered structures are designed to easily accommodate inexpensive and effective insulation types, as well as being easy to adapt for alternative fuels or solar systems.  This is another way they offer substantial cost savings.

  1. Eco friendly

Finally, consider that the pre-engineered structures built by Donald Rushing Construction are almost entirely recyclable, and may even incorporate recycled materials into the design.  We can also help you reduce the footprint of your building, if desired.

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