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Your Guide to State-of-the-Art Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for the Georgia and South Carolina Farming Communities

By admin_dr on 5 October 18 Construction

When installing pre-engineered metal buildings on your property, it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of all the specifications that the building must meet before selecting your pre-engineered metal building contractor, particularly in Georgia and South Carolina when the building will be used to house and secure livestock.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the most important considerations and discuss the latest farm related developments for state-of-the-art pre-engineered structures.

  • Ammonia venting is a key consideration

Make certain that your building has proper ammonia ventilation. Metal buildings can be efficiently engineered to facilitate airflow that will force ammonia vapour from manure up and out of vents on the building’s upper walls or ceilings, but they need to know this is a requirement in advance.

  • Choosing the right material

Does your new building require insulation? Most buildings for poultry farming, for example, need to be insulated. The same is often true for other livestock. What about high corrosion applications? Galvanized zinc walls are highly resistant to corrosion and good for these applications. Are you interested in a green building? Highly efficient and effective solar solutions can be added to your building’s ceiling but it helps to know this in advance. Likewise, what about sealing? Does you application require special sealing? In short, it is best to discuss your building’s use thoroughly with your pre-engineered metal building contractor before design and construction begins, and if your contractor is not familiar enough with farming applications to make informed recommendations, you may want to interview several of them to find the best fit.

  • Design for maintenance

Farmers often spend hours every day cleaning and maintaining their properties, so it’s important that their metal buildings are designed to facilitate this work. Discuss with your contractor how, and how often, you need to clean all or part of your building and how often you might need to perform other maintenance on the building, particularly the interior, before a pre-engineered design is selected and possibly modified. For example, metal buildings often have an exoskeleton that tapers up and out to facilitate cleaning. Is there anything in your application where this characteristic is not a good idea?

  • Donald Rushing Construction has the experience you need for your farm building requirements

Our team can help you get started in choosing a pre-engineered metal building that is right for you. To learn more about the options available, call today.

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