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Why Choose Donald Rushing Construction in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 15 June 17 Construction

When considering their next commercial construction project in Savannah,too many people think they need to handle the hiring of all the sub-contractors themselves.  Concrete contractors, electrical engineers, lighting consultants, and more.  They can end up spending massive amounts of time and money doing research only to hire the wrong people.

The better way is to hire Donald Rushing Construction, an experienced commercial  general contractor in Savannah, GA. Donald Rushing knows which engineer, architect and/or sub-contractor is the best fit for each job. 

With Donald Rushing Construction by your side, your project will be far easier to accomplish.

Four Benefits to Partnering with Donald Rushing Construction in Savannah

  1. Simplify your management burden

Overseeing a major construction project is a full-time job. Do you really want someone from your organization neglecting their core job responsibilities to handle construction oversight? Donald Rushing Construction completely lifts that burden, as well as giving you one single point-of-contact to handle any questions or concerns you might have about progress.

  1. Leverage industry connections

Donald Rushing Construction has an extensive list of sub-contractors they’ve worked with, and can hire for reasonable rates—often, better rates than others receive. Perhaps more important, Donald Rushing Construction know which sub-contractors NOT to hire.

  1. Genuine customer focus

Donald Rushing Construction assumes project completion responsibility. There name hangs over every project they take one and their name is their bond. If anything goes wrong on the job, they’ll fix it. Donald Rushing construction knows that customer satisfaction is priority #1 and they work hard to ensure it.

  1. Oversight that can handle day-to-day challenges

Few construction projects go off perfectly. Along the way challenges pop up, but Donald Rushing Construction keeps these challenges to a minimum because of their expert planning capabilities and the unparalleled skill of their crews.

Donald Rushing Construction Company Inc. Is Savannah’s Top Choice for Commercial Contracting

With a thirty-year history and hundreds of successfully-completed projects, Donald Rushing Construction Company is capable of handling commercial buildings of any size, large or small. Our extensive network of industry connections makes us a superior choice for general construction contracting.

Contact us today to learn more.

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