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Why Choose Donald Rushing as Your Pre-engineered Metal Building Contractor

By admin_dr on 8 August 17 Metal Building

Pre-engineered metal buildings are an exceptional way to get high-quality, long-lasting structures at reasonable prices … but only with the right contractor.  A good metal building contractor needs to have the right sources of material and the track record to deliver the building you want.

Pre-enginnered Metal Building

For more than thirty years, Donald Rushing Construction has been providing superb metal buildings for customers throughout metropolitan Savannah and the Carolina Lowcountry. Here are six great reasons to choose Donald Rushing Construction for your next construction project:

  1. Rapid construction saves time and money.

Pre-engineered buildings can cut weeks off the construction lead-time for buildings by using the proven engineering plans and components that Donald Rushing Construction offers. This translates into real cost savings for you.

  1. Excellent design flexibility.

Pre-engineered buildings can be designed around a wide variety of needs and goals, using our tested design software and prefabricated steel with more conventional construction materials and methods.  There are very few needs that a pre-engineered metal building cannot meet.

  1. All in one construction services.

Donald Rushing goes beyond other construction contractors by offering a wide variety of services.  From design, to laying the concrete, to erecting the structure, to paving the access roads, Donald Rushing manages projects from concept to completion.

  1. Low long-term costs.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are low-maintenance, long-lasting, highly weather-resistant, and offer superior energy-saving features.  This all adds up to the some of the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

  1. Eco-friendliness.

Donald Rushing Construction uses components in their metal buildings that are 99% recyclable. Some of the components have already been recycled. This can be an excellent way to push your building towards qualifying for “green” tax credits and similar benefits.

  1. A very long track record of success.

With their decades of experience, Donald Rushing Construction has hundreds satisfied customers across the Coastal Empire.  Few contractors anywhere can match there unbroken string of successes.  

Get Superior Service from Donald Rushing Construction

Large or small, Donald Rushing Construction eliminates metal building uncertainty with their documented know-how, on-time performance and unparalleled industry standing.


To learn more about metal buildings and what they can do for you, contact Donald Rushing Construction today: 912-964-0080 | sales@donaldrushing.com.

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