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Traits to Look For In a Structural Concrete Contractor Who Follows Best Practices

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 Concrete contractors

With a wide selection of contractors in Coastal Georgia and the Carolina Lowcountry, it can be difficult to identify the best structural concrete contractor.  Looking at past work is one good way and finding out if they know and follow best practices is another.

There are a lot of nuances when it comes to structural concrete work, but fundamentally, you can often tell the newcomers from the established pros based on how well they adhere to best practices.

Four Key Things Any Good Structural Concrete Contractor Should Know About Working with Concrete

  1. The right concrete for the right job

There isn’t just one type of concrete; there are dozens.  Accelerated set concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, and roller-compacted concrete, pervious concrete… every variety offers different benefits and drawbacks, and it takes a lot of experience to know which type should be used and when.

Ask your would-be contractor about the types of concrete they have access to, and which types they think are right for your project.

  1. The curing process

Concrete curing and setting is an exothermic process, meaning that it gives off heat as it hardens.  Will your construction project take place in an area with a lot of moisture?  What about cooler winter temps during construction?  These factors and other require special consideration.  Be certain your contractor is aware of your situation and is taking steps to ensure proper curing.

  1. Single-slab vs. multi-slab

For many projects, it’s common to lay a single slab of concrete as the foundation of the entire building.  However, as buildings grow larger in areas prone to seismic activity—a single slab isn’t going to be reliable.  If you’re looking to build in a challenging situation, ask your contractor about when they feel the use of multiple slabs or expansion joints are appropriate.

  1. Concrete strengthening

While there are numerous types of concrete, and there are also numerous methods to enhance concrete to make it stronger.  Whether standing up to earthquakes, preventing weather damage, or accommodating an extra-heavy structure, your concrete contractor should know the common ways of strengthening concrete for every application.

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