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The Benefits of Pre-Construction Services for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

By admin_dr on 25 January 19 Metal Building

When planning a new building, companies should carefully consider pre-construction services that allow them to plot the path of the building process. Our experts at Donald Rushing Construction Company have many years of experience in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings across Savannah, GA. In this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of pre-construction services for your Savannah, GA, projects.

Bringing together the vision for the project

Perhaps the single largest benefit of the pre-construction services that Donald Rushing Construction offers is verifying that the vision of the new building that the client has is exactly the same vision the construction team has. This goes a long way to making certain misunderstanding are minimized if not eliminated. In addition, pre-construction meetings must make certain that all stakeholders associated with the project have a clear understanding of the project goals, construction phases, permit requirements, costs, timelines and deadlines. In short, pre-construction work clearly defines the scope of the project and attempts to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges to keep project on course.

Feasibility work

As part of the pre-construction process, teams will complete feasibility studies to determine if there might be building elements that could be be difficult to complete given restrictions in terms of budget, timeline, or site location. Working with an expert construction team like Donald Rushing Construction should ensure that all construction elements are vetted so that the project can be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Synchronization of funding

Has enough money been allocated for the project? How will funds be allocated during the building process? How much has been allocated to design? To construction? What are the payment milestones? What sign-offs are required? How will change orders be handled and funded? Pre-construction services answer these questions and more and help to eliminate funding misunderstandings that might spark construction interruptions.

Identifying time-saving opportunities

Another important aspect of pre-construction work is identifying areas where time can be saved to boost the return on investment for your new pre-engineering metal building. For example, you might find materials that can be quickly sourced from local suppliers, rather than from distant sources where shipping and lead times might add unnecessary delays and costs.

Our team at Donald Rushing Construction Company specializes in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings in Savannah, GA. To discover more about our company and our services, call today.

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