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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings vs. Conventional Buildings

By admin_dr on 30 August 17 Metal Building

In our experience as commercial building contractors, we see more and more clients turning toward pre-engineered steel for their commercial building rather than the more traditional on-site construction.  In fact, pre-engineered steel construction is rapidly becoming the most popular choices= for commercial and industrial buildings.

At Donald Rushing Construction, pre-engineered metal buildings are our specialty. 

Three Quick Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)

1. Rapid Design and Delivery

Because PEBs use many standard components designed to fit most business needs, the building design process can be extremely quick.  We are not reinventing components every time we start a building. Also, because of the virtually limitless variations these components can take, building designs can be highly customized very fast. Our computer aided design software will customize your building to the specifications you need, and will often do it fast enough to cut weeks or even months off a design project.

2. Single-Source Responsibility

Traditional building construction often requires several different and specialized building contractors working together (or not), creating significant administrative and communication headaches.  A PEB, on the other hand, can be designed, constructed, and delivered by a single contractor, and more often than not by Donald Rushing Construction. This greatly simplifies administration, budgeting, and oversight.

3. Lower Prices

In virtually every instance, a pre-engineered metal building will be less expensive than conventional construction.  The time savings, reduced labor costs, rapid on-site setup, and lowered waste … combine to create an incredibly efficient and high-quality building process, one that is reflected in an affordable final price.

Donald Rushing Can Make Your Next Building Better

Donald Rushing Construction is at the forefront of pre-engineered structures in Georgia.  Contact us today for a full consultation on your PEB steel construction options.

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