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How a Construction Manager Can Educate Inexperienced Employees

By admin_dr on 10 May 18 Concrete contractors

Educating inexperienced employees can help your organization build a strong foundation for the future. With more staff members to call upon, you can move your company forward and meet your long-term project goals. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction has significant experience in this area, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting how your construction manager can begin educating new employees for the future.

Start with safety

Safety should be the foremost consideration in the education process. Make sure your new team members understand all safety protocols and the steps required to safeguard their other team members for projects to come.

Explain Effective Use of Common Tools

The tools used within your construction work should be highlighted during the education process. Make sure team members understand how tools can be used to improve project results and explain the issues associated with unsafe tool use. You might also ensure that teams have time to use the tools under the supervision of a construction manager before they enter the field and begin working on projects.

Ask experienced employees to offer guidance

Make sure that the more experienced members of your team are involved in the education process. Ask them to take an active role in helping new team members understand their responsibilities and the challenges they might face on the project site.

Educating Construction Employees

The education starts at the interview phase

Educating your employees as a construction manager begins with the interview phase. And so let’s go over a few interview tips when hiring new construction recruits:

  • Use what-if scenarios

The use of “what-if” scenarios can help to gauge the candidate reaction to specific scenarios that may take place at work site. They’ll help you see where they are in terms of their training.

  • Ask about past site experience

Consider the candidate’s current level of site experience and find out if they’re able to prove their understanding of complex construction industry concepts.

  • Detail day-to-day life on the site

Make certain that you provide details on the day-to-day life on the site during the interview process. This will help prepare the chosen candidate for their working experience.

Our team at Donald Rushing Construction offers critical experience at all level of the construction process. To speak to a construction manager today, call us now!

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