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Four Tips for Hiring a Commercial Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Projects

By admin_dr on 12 June 17 Construction

With so many commercial construction contractors in operation, it can be a challenge to select the right one to meet your needs.  This can be especially true if they need to work as part of a team on a large project, coordinating with other contracted services.

These are some of the primary factors to consider when choosing between construction contractors.

Four Ways to Help Ensure You Choose the Right Commercial Construction Contractors

  1. Work history

Fundamentally, you will know a good commercial contractor by their work.  A legitimate operation will have a long history of satisfied past clients who can offer testimonials, and they should also be able to provide a substantial list of previous projects that you could visit for yourself.  To really get some insights, pick a building that’s 5-10 years old, and see what its owners think of it today.

  1. Rarely – if ever – pick the lowest bidder

In nearly all circumstances, if you are looking at several bids for a job and one is substantially lower than the others, it’s likely the lowest bidder made a mistake or is not telling you something.  With the latter, either they’re going to be cutting corners on materials or processes, or they’ll look for excuses to raise the price later.  Either way, it’s always a better idea to pick a contractor whose bid seems reasonable and that has a management style that fits your needs.

  1. Get information on their sub-contractors

Few commercial contractors work alone.  Nearly all of them have a network of sub-contractors providing services —and you should investigate those sub-contractors as well.  After all, they’ll be doing much of your work. 

  1. Check all their credentials

Don’t take anything on faith.  Request copies of documents such as licenses, certifications, and insurance so that you can verify them for yourself.  You might even consider running a credit report on them, to be certain they’re paying their bills on-time.

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