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Four Things You Want When Hiring Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 24 May 18 Construction

With the ongoing construction boom around the country, there’s also been a boom in contractors.  When hiring for a construction job, you’ll have no shortage of commercial construction contractors who will want to bid for your project.  This can make it surprisingly difficult, sorting through all the offers and trying to figure out which contractors might actually have the tools and expertise to do your job right, on time, and within budget.

With over thirty years’ experience in contracting, we’ve seen a lot of good contractors—and plenty of bad ones.  So here are some of the most critical things you should look for when evaluating contractors to ensure you get a good one.

Four Crucial Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Construction Contractors

1. Licensing, insurance, and other permits

First and foremost, always ask to see a contractor’s state-issued license and insurance documentation.  A contractor that is on the level should always be happy to provide them for inspection.  Don’t forget, if you have any reason to think the documentation may be false, you can always follow up with the state and/or insurance company. And needless to say, never ever work with a contractor who can’t provide this documentation.

2. Ask about their in-house talent

A good general contractor will seek to have a range of experienced talent on-staff, ready to work on jobs or assist in consultation.  These will usually include an engineer, a designer, a site superintendent, and various office and documentation managers.  Specialty contractors may also have extra talent on-hand that fits their specialty.  Be certain your contractor has the staff to match your job.

3. Look at other examples of their work

One nice thing about hiring contractors is that it’s very hard for them to disguise their past work—it’s probably out there on display right now.  Ask about other projects they’ve done, then follow up with those customers to see what they say about the contractor’s skill.

4. Communication style and general vibe

Finally, be sure to ask about their lines of communication and preferred methods of communication.  You’ll want to stay in close contact with your contractor throughout the process, so this is critical.  Along with this, consider whether they are people you’ll want to be in close communication with.  Good rapport will improve a project.

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