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Contractors in Savannah, GA – Proper Ground Prep Is What Makes A Concrete Slab Last

By admin_dr on 24 May 18 Construction

One of the things that separates great general contractors in Savannah, GA, from all the rest is their knowledge of how to properly prepare the ground for a concrete pour. 

In many ways, ground prep is more important than anything done with the concrete itself.   No matter how good the concrete is, if the ground hasn’t been properly prepared, the slab will likely crack and fail within a matter of months or less.  Then you’re looking at a very costly process of ripping the whole thing out and restarting, this time with properly prepared ground.

So, when you’re researching general contractors in Savannah for concrete work, ask them about how they prepare their ground.


Three Crucial Aspects of Preparing Ground for A Concrete Sla

1. A soil survey

A good concrete contractor will begin by surveying the soil, even taking samples for analysis, so that they know what they’re working with.  Different types of soil can require vastly different approaches. In some cases, they may even need to haul in sand to put on top of the existing soil.  High levels of clay, for example, will cause problems for concrete pours.

2. Finding the right moisture balance

Moisture in the underlying soil is a Goldilocks problem—if it’s too moist or too dry, it will prevent the concrete from setting correctly.  This is another reason why soil surveys are important, since the contractor can check its moisture levels.  In cases of wet weather, a concrete pour may even need to be delayed until the underlying soil has dried out enough that it won’t cause a problem for the drying concrete.

3. Proper compaction

Another crucial aspect is properly compacting the soil before a pour, and this is one area where contractors have been known cut corners—to the detriment of their clients.  A piece of soil must be compacted as tightly as possible before adding cement over top.  This is generally done with specialized equipment made for compacting soil, or sometimes (on big jobs) with a steamroller or similar heavy vehicle.  

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