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Should A Commercial Contractor Rent or Buy Their Equipment?

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 General Contracting

One of the biggest questions facing any commercial contractor is whether it’s better to rent or buy the equipment they use.  This is a decision that can impact the customers of those contractors as well because the quality and type of equipment can have a major impact on the final quality of their projects. In […]

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The Importance of Great Project Management to Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 4 April 18 Construction

Successful commercial construction contractors have complex operations, with a large number of workers and pieces of equipment.  Without proper oversight and management, all those individual items and people could have a difficult time coming together to successfully complete a project.  That’s where project managers come in. In many ways, the project manager is one of the […]

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Understanding the Importance of Equipment Maintenance for a Commercial Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 March 18 General Contracting

You don’t work as a commercial contractor for more than thirty years without picking up a few things about how to manage a contracting firm.  One of the most critical is just how important equipment maintenance is—specifically preventative maintenance.  At Donald Rushing Construction, we’ve encountered many contractors who seem to regard maintenance as an optional activity, but […]

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Four Ways to Hire the Right Construction Employees

By admin_dr on 10 March 18 Construction

A commercial contractor is only as good as their crew!  That might seem obvious, but a lot of contractors tend to cut corners with personnel or have poor hiring practices.  They employ crews that are unreliable or inexperienced to save money and that brings down the quality of every project they undertake. Whether you’re looking to hire […]

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Three Reasons to Hire Professional Concrete Contractors—Even for Small Jobs

By admin_dr on 16 January 18 Construction

At Donald Rushing Construction Company, we sometimes hear builders and remodelers say, “I don’t need to hire a concrete contractor.  It’s just a small job.”  They seem to believe that professional concrete contractors are only for major work, and that something like laying down a small foundation is a job that any contractor can do. […]

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Six Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Structural Concrete Contractor

By admin_dr on 15 January 18 Construction

When you’re hiring a structural concrete contractor, you are putting a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  Typically, they create the foundation for the entire project, so the success or failure of your project rests in large part on them. Picking the right contractor, obviously,is of paramount importance—and the selection criteria should include factors other […]

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Four Tips for Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your New Sports Facility

By admin_dr on 9 January 18 Metal Building

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a great option for housing a sports facility.  The economy, relatively short construction timeline, low long-term maintenance costs, and flexible design options make them perfect for buildings that will see a lot of traffic and heavy use over the years.    Here Four Ways to Get the Most for Your Pre-Engineered […]

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How Hiring General Contractors in Savannah, GA., Can Save Time and Money

By admin_dr on 8 January 18 General Contracting

If you have a major new construction project on the horizon, choosing the right general contractors in Savannah, Ga., could be a key decision for keeping costs and build time as low as possible.  Especially for major projects, hiring an experienced general contractor with the resources to manage and staff your project will save you time and […]

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5 Myths About Concrete Contractors and Construction That Most People Still Believe

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 Concrete contractors

There’s no doubt that building customers hearing a lot of myths about concrete work— and often time from the concrete contractors they interview.  As such Donald Rushing Construction tends to spend a fair amount of time educating people about concrete.

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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Construction Contractors

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 Construction

After decades as one of the top commercial construction contractors in Georgia, one starts to hear some of the same questions over and over.  It’s understandable enough—regulations and best practices surrounding construction contracting are complicated.  An expert is needed to sort them out.

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Find out why Donald Rushing is the top General Contractors Company in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 General Contracting

There are plenty of general contractors in Savannah, GA, but few offer the combination of experience, skill, and range of talent that Donald Rushing Construction offers.  For more than 30 years, we have delivered excellent general contracting services on hundreds of projects across Coastal Georgia and the Carolina Lowcountry.

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Traits to Look For In a Structural Concrete Contractor Who Follows Best Practices

By admin_dr on 9 November 17 Concrete contractors

With a wide selection of contractors in Coastal Georgia and the Carolina Lowcountry, it can be difficult to identify the best structural concrete contractor.  Looking at past work is one good way and finding out if they know and follow best practices is another.

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Six Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

By admin_dr on 7 November 17 Metal Building

In recent years, pre-engineered metal buildings have become a highly popular option for new office buildings, factories, and warehouses. They are fast, sturdy, reliable, and affordable.  Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings.

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Donald Rushing – Trusted General Contractors in Savannah, GA

By admin_dr on 2 October 17 General Contracting

With decades of experience as general contractors in Savannah, GA, the team at Donald Rushing Construction is committed to building food processing facilities designed for the highest levels of efficiency. Our experts are unparalleled in their understanding on construction dynamics and we have access to a vast network from which we can source quality materials […]

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Donald Rushing – An Experienced Commercial Construction Company in Savanah, GA

By admin_dr on 29 September 17 Construction

Building manufacturing facilities requires an understanding of how to maximize team productivity and ensure resources are used efficiently. Our team at Donald Rushing Construction specializes in the building of manufacturing facilities for a full range of industries. We use our understanding of cost analysis, industrial facility design, and resource management to ensure projects are completed […]

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Site Preparation: How to Make a Proper Bed for Concrete

By admin_dr on 30 August 17 Concrete contractors

People often think that a strong building begins with the foundation, but the top structural concrete contractors in Savannah, GA, know that it goes a bit deeper than that.  To have a well-laid foundation, you must first create a proper bed for the foundation. If the site, or ground, isn’t properly prepared, everything that goes on top […]

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings vs. Conventional Buildings

By admin_dr on 30 August 17 Metal Building

In our experience as commercial building contractors, we see more and more clients turning toward pre-engineered steel for their commercial building rather than the more traditional on-site construction.  In fact, pre-engineered steel construction is rapidly becoming the most popular choices= for commercial and industrial buildings. At Donald Rushing Construction, pre-engineered metal buildings are our specialty.  […]

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“Thicker” Isn’t Always “Stronger” When Building Concrete Roadways: Why Quality Still Matters

By admin_dr on 30 August 17 Concrete contractors

When faced with building a new roadway in or around Savannah, Coastal Georgia or the Lowcountry, it is probably best not to call just any Savannah concrete company. There’s more to concrete roads than simply pouring, and it seems that making a roadway stronger or more reliable isn’t just a matter of making it thicker. This […]

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Donald Rushing Contractors Highlight Money-Saving Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Tips

By admin_dr on 29 August 17 Metal Building

As commercial building contractors, we know that our clients are often concerned about the amount of energy their building will use—and we’re always happy to offer design recommendations to help lower their energy costs.  We like to offer these recommendations, when possible, during the design phase, or just before construction begins because it is much […]

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Four Tips for Choosing A General Contractor in Savannah, Georgia

By admin_dr on 9 August 17 General Contracting

With so many general contractors in the metropolitan Savannah area, how can you know which one you can trust?  A general contractor can end up being responsible for millions of dollars in property and investment, yet if things go wrong on the project, they can find a lot of ways to avoid that responsibility. You […]

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